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Susanne Kelly
31 Parmenter #4
Boston, MA 02113

Years Assisting: 1
Rates:        $150/day        $75/half day     $20/hour
References: William Huber 617.826.4205
                    Marek Milewicz 212.
Education: Tufts, SMFA and NYU, Tisch
Formats: 35mm and medium format
Darkroom Skills: Prints and processes B & W
Other Skills Include: Location Scouting
Owns a truck and driver's license, drives standard. Has a current passport and formal clothing.
From the Assistant: My hands on "location" experience is just beginning, but I am a fast learner, a motivated individual, great with people and I don't mind doing grunt work. Thanks for your consideration...

William Huber Studios 3/00 to 6/00
Commercial Photography Assistant Boston, MA
~ Initiated creation of internship leading to assistant position
~ Assisted location shoots
~ Manage day-to-day studio activities and shoots with casting specialists, agency representatives, and location scouts

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