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Scott Serata
421-37th St.
Richmond, CA 94805
pager: 510.997.0704

Years Assisting: 1
Rates: $150/day; $ /half day; $ /hour
References: Michael O'Callahan, architectural photographer, SF, CA 415.552.3686; Alan Rosenberg, Corporate/Advertising photographer, Santa Clara, CA 408.986.8484
Education: B.S. University of California, Berkeley
Formats: 35mm, medium format, and 4x5
Strobes: Speedotron, Dynalite, Norman and Balcar
Darkroom Skills: Processes and prints B & W; Speaks Portuguese and Japanese
Other Skills Include: Set Building/Carpentry and Location Scouting
Owns a car and driver's license, drives standard; has a current passport and formal clothing.
From the Assistant: 20 years experience with a wide range of photographic styles and genres, architectural, landscape, fashion, industrial/scientific, documentary/photojournalism, still-lifes, etc. I'm computer-savvy, reliable, smart and fast. I'll help solve problems rather than becoming a problem! I don't mind grunt work as long as I'm learning something. I understand that working as an assistant is an exchange, my energy and labor in exchange for the opportunity to learn from a pro. I always give 110%. Resume and portfolio available on request.

As of 2/21/01: I now have experience with these specific cameras, Pentax 67II, Mamiya RZ67II, Hassleblad, Sinar 4X5

As of 8/7/02: I am especially interested in assisting architectural photographers.

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