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Erin C. King
P.O. Box 3221
Bristol, CT 06011
pager: 413.773.3113

Years Assisting: 9
Rates: $ /day   $ /half day  $ /hour
References: Gregory Kriss 860.693.8790   Frank Esposito
Education: Two years, an associates degree in English, and all the photography classes i could get at Northwestern Connecticut Community Technical College, I was enrolled in and doing very well achedemically at Hallmark Institute of Photography from Sept. 2nd 1998 until Mar. 22nd 1999 when I terminated my enrollment from the program.
Formats: 35mm, medium format, and 4x5
Darkroom Skills: Prints and processes B & W; processes E-6
Owns a car and driver's license; drives standard. Has formal clothing.
From the Assistant: I am looking for immediate work in the boston area. I will be moving to that area on 4/19/99 I do not know what my local phone number or address will be yet but I can be reached either trough e-mail or messages left at the phone numbers given. I am experienced in lighting and many other technical aspects of photography but I still feel that there is so much more that I could learn from a seasoned professional. I am a quick and enthusiastic learner and I work very well with others. I can't wait to hear from you. Thank You

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