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Joshua Goodman
1800 N. New Hampshire Ave #223
Los Angeles, CA 90027
phone 323.633.3137
pager 323.913.2467

Years Assisting: 0-1
Rates: $ /day; $ /half day; $ /hour
Education: AA Degree - Cinema - Los Angeles City College
Formats: 35mm, 120/220, 4x5
Strobes: Speedotron
Darkroom Skills:
Other Skills:
Owns a driver's license, truck and drives standard.
From the Assistant: I originally went to school to get a degree in Cinema, and soon after, I started working as a camera assistant. I have always had a passion for photography, and as time went on I realized that I would be happier working in still photography. So I went back to school and started taking photography courses. I have included my resume below. If you're interested in viewing my portfolio or learning a little more about me, please visit my website - Joshua Goodman - Photographic Assistant Education * Completion of advanced photography courses - Los Angeles City College * AA Degree - Cinema - Los Angeles City College * Certificate in Film Production - Los Angeles City College * Graduated Magna Cum Laude - Los Angeles City College * Art Department Scholarship - San Bernardino Valley College * Cal State Northridge - Completion of "The Film and Video Camera" course * UCLA Extension - Completion of "The Craft of the Second Camera Assistant" course * Received Arriflex Motion Picture Camera Certification Experience Photography * Knowledge in the basics of 35mm, Medium Format, and Large Format photography. * Knowledge in the basics of tungsten based lighting systems. * Knowledge in the basics of strobe based lighting systems. * Knowledge in the basics of loading 4X5 film holders, 4X5 Polaroid, and Hassleblad backs. * Experience using Photoshop 6 & 7 (PC). * Specific experience using: Speedotron 1205CX pack & 202VF heads, Cambo 4X5, and Hasselblad 501CM. Still Photographer - Film and Video * "The Vultures" - Digital Short. Dir. S. Rossiere, D.P. J. Toyoda * "Babes in the Woods" - Feature Film. Dir. B Sykes, D.P. D. Smith Camera Assistant Dozens of Film and Video Projects Including: * 1st/2nd A.C. - "Lord of the Vampires" 16mm Feature. Dir. B. Sykes, D.P. D. Smith * 1st/2nd A.C. - "Malefactor" Super 16mm Short. Dir. T. Atkins, D.P. S. Mitsui * 2nd A.C. - "Nice Color" 35mm Commercial. Dir. S. Hinks, D.P. H. Grould * 2nd A.C. - "The Mask Maker" 16mrn/Digital Short. Dir. A. Waddell, D.P. P. Schwartz * 1st/2nd A.C. - "Berserk" 16mm Feature. Dir. S. Bina, D.P. A. Miele * 1st/2nd A.C. - "Mad Jack" -16mm Feature. Dir. B. Sykes, D.P. D. Smith * 1st A.C. - "Camden" 16mm Feature Film. Dir. D. Weston, D.P. A. Miele * 2nd A.C. - "Out of Habit" 35mm Short. Dir. R. Larsen, D.P. D. Colclausure Other Info * I have a Gemini Jr. Magliner with a top shelf for use on location or in the studio. * I have a changing tent for location work. References * Anthony Miele - Director of Photography - (626) 485-9636 / * Dave Smith - Director of Photography - (818) 326-6314 / * Lisa Auerbach - Photography Instructor - (323) 953-4000 ext. 2835

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