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Robert Faucher
151 Berkeley Rd
North Andover, MA 01845

Years Assisting:
Rates: $150/day   $75/half day  $20/hour
References: Paul Cummings 17-789-4500   Satish Bhatti 617-718-0611
Education: BA, MA, MSc.
Formats: 35mm and medium format
Darkroom Skills: Prints and processes B & W
Other Skills Include: Digital Editing, Speaks French
Owns a car and driver's license, drives standard; has a current passport and formal clothing.
From the Assistant: I am a computing professional with over 10 years experience working with various forms of multimedia coordinating 3d/2d artists. My goal is to make the transition from pure high-tech to professional photography and digital imagery. I have extensive experience with digital imaging, scanning and related technologies. I am very proficient with 35mm systems as well as B&W film processing and printing. As an apprentice, I can offer creativity, high-tech expertise, maturity, responsibility, management experience and professionalism to your company.

Samples of my work and a website are available upon request.

Thank You

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