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The Kodak Professional Photoguide is probably the most popular reference guide among professional  photographers.  If you are a fairly sophisticated photographer, do what the pros do; buy it and leave it in your camera bag.  This is not a book you will sit down and read, but it is a very handy tool you can use in the field/studio.  Need to know what the exposure time would be for a moonlit landscape?  Refer to one of the exposure tables. Need to know the reciprocity correction for Tri-X at 30 seconds?  Refer to the film tables.    Need to calculate GN for your strobes?  No problem.  Want a narrative on posing your subjects?  Look elsewhere.

My new favorite reference guides are the Pro Lighting Series from Hicks, Schultz and Larg.  These books are superbly laid out; with every image presented, the lighting diagrams, shot layouts, and photographers' notes are included.  This series is also designed for a more experienced photographer, but can serve as inspiration to anyone. 

The series is categorized by photo discipline, and currently include:  Beauty Shots, Food Shots, Interior Shots, Lingerie Shots, New Glamour, Night Shots, Nudes, Portraits, Product Shots, Special Effects, and Still Life.  I personally own Portraits, Product and Still Life, and refer to them continually.

Three new titles are now out as well: Erotica, Fashion Shots and New Product Shots.

Light-Science & Magic : An Introduction to Photographic Lighting This is an important book. You will learn the fundamental techniques of recording light on film -- this is the true definition of photography. Understand what light will do for you and you will be a sucessful photographer. From Book News Inc "An guide to high-quality, studio-style lighting written by professionals in the field. The guide introduces a logical theory of photographic lighting that teaches beginning photographers to predict results for setting up lights. Provides comprehensive theory of the nature and principles of light to allow individual photographers to use lighting to express their own creativity. Photos and illustrations provide examples of the theories delineated within the text. -- Copyright 1999 Book News Inc".

photo technique / technical reference / the big photography list
kayaking / birding / popular picks

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